Welcome to Leah B. Samler, Psy.D.

Who I Am


My Practice

I provide effective, individualized therapy, treating a number of mental health disorders and provide a safe space for individuals, families, and couples.  


Treatment Focus

My approach relies on collaboration with my clients in order to develop individual treatment plans.  

I believe the answers to many of our worries lie within us, yet often life events make finding clarity problematic.  My goal is for clients to learn how to navigate their current experiences and find balance and peace within their lives. 

I  see my role as a facilitator where the focus is assisting my clients in achieving integrated and progressive healing. Our work together is  based on safely addressing issues of concern while finding a path to  healthy and stable choices that work for your life and circumstances. Each step forward of unwinding the challenges you are facing leads to  healthy choices that enhance and improve your life.


My Promise

I promise to be there for you every step of your journey. My goal is to help you grow from your struggles, heal from your pain, and move forward to where you want to be in your life.